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Introduction And Use Of Plastic Wicker Laundry Basket Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 08,21

How to Choose the Right Laundry Hamper
We all want to hide “dirty laundry” from the public eye. And by that, we don’t mean figuratively. That is why this “package” should be camouflaged in a nice little laundry hamper. Today’s standards, in addition to functionality, require that the aesthetic moment should be satisfied as well. It’s up to you to decide which basket you will give the advantage to. Will it be a rustic basket, a cute canvas hamper with dots, a twisted wicker basket with interesting patterns, or something else, it’s up to you.
Plastic Wicker Laundry Basket and hampers are an integral part of every bathroom equipment.
If you use an open-top hamper or simple plastic basket to stash your dirty laundry it’s maybe OK if you live alone and you never have any guests. Let’s face it, no one wants to look at your dirty clothes or smell them either.
In some houses, laundry is sorted by person, in others by material...Enthusiasts love to have laundry baskets in each wardrobe on the bottom shelf. For others, aesthetics are the top priority.
They come in so many different shapes (all-around hamper, corner, divide, square, half-moon shape…) and colors. Some come with a removable liner, which is very practical. Some have wheels…Some of the materials might surprise you, for example, paper, or velour…
Where do I put the laundry hamper?
That depends on your property and the needs of your household. Bathrooms are the most commonplace for laundry hampers and baskets. You may put it behind closed doors or in a custom made storage cupboard, hidden.
You will want to display some of the hampers, especially those woven or wicker ones which are pure decoration.
The laundry utility room is a good solution also, but you also need laundry baskets at the place where you change your clothes.
The bedrooms are also popular places for fancy baskets. Beautiful woven baskets with lids are a perfect choice. They are produced in various colors, pastel and earth tones are perhaps the best option for the bedroom.
Which are the best materials for laundry hampers and baskets?
Wooden hampers will give your bathroom an attractive but rustic touch. Choose fluffy bath mats, details in relaxing colors, and make your bathroom a cozy place.
If you are looking for an eco-friendly, handcrafted, modern and well-designed hamper let your choice be a round twisted pandanus wood hamper in an earthy tone. You even may put some tassel on it if you prefer the boho-chic style. With them, you may create a nice soothing atmosphere. Bamboo and rattan hampers have a nice natural charm also.
Canvas hampers and linen laundry baskets are soft and come in so many different patterns. Combinations like frames with a mesh bag or laundry bag with leather handles are very popular today.
Canvas baskets are interesting because they mostly have stunning motifs on them. Most popular are those with a geometric pattern, dots, baby hampers with animals, boho baskets with mandalas...
Wicker and woven hampers are becoming more and more popular. You can decide on the earthy touch in neutral tones or a multi-colored look, it’s up to you. Ideal for eclectic spaces, wicker baskets are so chic and independent.
They are environmentally friendly so just one look at them and the secret about your attitude is told…But...be careful, if you are putting on wet clothes that can draw bacteria and even mold.
There is another, cheaper option: hampers that are made from woven polyethene (woven look but durable and easy to clean), they are not so eco but last a long time...
Seagrass belly baskets are one of today’s biggest trends!
Inspired by water vessels these gorgeous objects are real beauties. Made of natural materials (seagrass, straw…), they look lovely and are collapsible and easy to store.
Plastic ones are durable, usually cheap, and very practical...these hampers create a clean and tidy look. Recycled plastic is the best solution if you like clean forms and low prices...but still consider environmental impact.
Did you know that there are laundry baskets made with washable paper? A metallic paper laundry bag in a corner of a room is something that will attract everyone’s attention.
It’s time to upgrade your old laundry hamper! Invest in something new and stylish!
Do you love the minimalistic design or something more lavish?
If you need to transport a large number of dirty clothes consider buying a hamper on wheels or collapsible ones. For example, if you have a washer and dryer machine in the basement, you must think practical. You need something in which you’ll easily transfer the laundry. That’s why these two are perfect solutions.
Built-in pull-out or tilt-out hampers are practical because they keep your laundry hidden and they save space. They are available in many shapes and different materials, so choose the one which fits into your space perfectly.
Can I wash laundry hampers?
It depends on what materials laundry hampers are made of. Canvas laundry hampers are easy to wash. Plastic ones are easy to wipe with some antibacterial fluid. But if you have wooden or woven baskets use the vacuum dust brush, and after that take it outside in the sun to kill bacteria.
If you have a non-washable hamper use a disinfectant such as chlorine bleach to kill mold. You may use a disinfectant spray on all surfaces for the same reason.
How to remove hamper odor?
Mix hot water and baking soda (one cup per gallon) and scrub the surface of the plastic hamper. You even may put a little bit of baking soda on the bottom to camouflage the smells.