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How Long Can Christmas Lights Accessories Be Used? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 21,21

  How long can Christmas lights accessories be used?

  This is a difficult question to answer because the service life of Christmas lights accessories depends on many factors. Generally speaking, due to its design and materials, Christmas lights accessories have a much longer service life than other options. When tested through a controlled indoor bench test, the service life of Christmas lights accessories is 50 times that of traditional incandescent bulbs and 20 times that of halogen bulbs. Since Christmas lights accessories have no filaments that can burn out, their lifespan is significantly longer.

  Although Christmas lights accessories have advantages over other types of Christmas bulbs, you should not believe the extreme claims of some manufacturers about their lifespan. Although some people claim that a string of Christmas lights accessories will last for 20 seasons, this is not the case. You can expect a set of high-quality, professional-grade Christmas lights accessories to last about 6 to 7 seasons, which is still impressive compared to other models.

  Many manufacturers claim that the rated life of Christmas lights accessories can reach 75,000 hours. In theory, this is correct. You can use up to 75,000 diodes in Christmas lights accessories, but this does not take into account the weather, ultraviolet radiation, or the normal wear and tear of hanging and storing lights every year. In addition, it is not just the diode that is important. Christmas lights accessories are made of additional components-so even if the diodes are still working, this does not mean that different parts may fail.

  Nevertheless, despite the magnificent requirements of some manufacturers, Christmas lights accessories are still the best choice of lights that you can trust for many seasons in the future.

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